Asevi Blue Scent Booster Liquid Freshener


Asevi Blue Scent Booster Liquid Freshener comes in a 720 ml bottle and can be added to the washing machine fabric softener drawer according to the desired strength and as indicated on the label. Other Asevi scent booster perfumes include Asevi Pink Scent Booster and Asevi Green Scent Booster.

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Asevi Blue Scent Booster Liquid Freshener is a concentrated liquid air freshener that provides an authentic explosion of intense, long-lasting aroma while protecting your clothes. It contains a unique combination of premium aquatic fragrances that lend charisma and distinction to this cosmetic, seductive fragrance. It is suitable for scenting all types of clothing, including sportswear, synthetic clothing, towels, household linen, and garments for which the use of softener is not recommended. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, making it suitable for sensitive skin

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