The Fruit Company Hanging Car Air Freshener Coconut TFC

The Fruit Company Hanging Car Air Freshener Coconut TFC

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A beautiful concentrated Coconut Air Freshener

0% Alcohol

Made from natural extracts


The Fruit Company have developed these beautiful fragranced air fresheners which are perfect for in your car, van or even lorry. They have a powerful and intense freshness which not only infuse your vehicle with a gorgeous fragrance, but also last for up to a couple of weeks.

To use, just simply unscrew the wooden (soakable wood) top, pop off the plastic cap and screw the top back on. Tip the small bottle upside down for 10 seconds and watch the wood soak up the fragrance. Simply use the string and bead to hand on your windscreen mirror and make the string short to stop the bottle flying around when you are driving. You will instantly love the smell and every time you exit or enter the vehicle you will be welcomed with the gorgeous fragrance.

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