Brumol Blue Ropa Limpia Floor Cleaner

Brumol Blue Ropa Limpia Floor Cleaner

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Concentrated floor cleaner and multisurface purpose leaving your home with a long-lasting clean and fresh smell:

All types of surfaces

Unique Perfume – smells like FRESH WASHING

Intense fragrance that lasts for days


The spanish version of ‘Fluffy Towels’

Brumol Blue Floor Cleaner is a floor cleaner, and can also be used as a multi-surface cleaner too (diluted in to a bottle).

Brumol Blue Ropa Limpia is a floor cleaner which cleans exceptionally whilst leaving your floors smelling amazing.  This popular Spanish brand has now landed at Home Aromas and comes in 1 Litre bottles.

The translation of ‘Ropa Limpia’ is ‘clean clothes’ – is this why so many people say this smells of blue fabric conditioner, and they love it so much!

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