Splash Ropa Limpia/Fresh Washing Room and Linen Fabric Spray


Infuse your home and fabrics with the gorgeous scent of ropa limpia, also known as fluffy towels in the UK.  This gorgeous aroma is simply amazing and lingers for ages too.  You can simply spray in the air for a gorgeous scent, or spray on to fabrics like your bedding, curtains, rugs and more.  These are pet friendly and also come in a handy size bottle with easy trigger spray application.


Fresh, light fragrance that fills your HOME with a gentle, delicate aroma.

This product can also be sprayed directly on to FABRICS, where its micro-capsules of perfume remain intact for hours, releasing the aroma again and again when the fabric is rubbed or moved.

Aromas: Freshly Cleaned Laundry

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